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This study seeks to explore the effects of hotel employees’ personality traits to organizational cynicism. The population of the study is formed, hotel employees working in the hotel business in Alanya. Since the population is of accessible size, the full enumerication sample technique was used by accessing the whole population of the study. To collect data for the study, the survey technique was used. The questionnaire work was designed in three parts: the first part contains questions about demographic, the second part In order to measure the personality attributes of the participants, Five Factor Personality Scale developed by Benet-Martinez ve John (1998) and also in the third for the measurement of the organizational cynicism levels of the employees, the Organizational Cynicism Scale which was developed Brandes vd., (1998) was located. The questionnaire form was administered to the 313 employees. SPSS 15.0 Statistical Program was used in data analysis. Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient was computed to determine the relationships between variables and stepwise regression analysis was conducted to determine to what extent independent variables predict dependent variables. Results mirrored that the most rated personality trait was conscientiousness while neuroticism was the least. And also it was observed that openness to experience, extraversion, conscientiousness, neurotic personality were positive and statistically meaningful predictors of organizational cynicism. It has been determined that openness to experience has the most impact on overall organizational cynicism. Finally, it has been reached to the five factor personality traits of hotel employees’ has influenced on the organizational cynicism low level.


Personality, Traits, Organizational Cynicism, Hotel Business

Author : -Nuran AKŞİT AŞIK
Number of pages: 1-13
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International Journal of Business Economics and Management Perspectives
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