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The period of change named globalization that lived in the axes of removing the obstacles against free movement of capital, energy sources, labor, raw material, industrial products dictates international system to put many economic and political regulations into effect. These regulations provide many new opportunities to the organized crime syndicates. By means of its flexible structure, organized crime has been accommodated to the new situations, utilized the opportunities and the crime network has been spreaded. The geographical areas exploited by crime groups have been expanded. The crime types have became diversified. Organized crime gains the capability of carrying on crime business at global level and cause unstabilities in many countries by means of infiltrating their legislative, executive and judicial institutions. The borders, which are became porous because of the regulations, enabled border crossing of the crime elements. In the weak countries, in which the civil war and conlicts go on, drug agrarian and refine process come out in noncontrollable territories. In order to gain the financial sources they required, the conflicting parties have participated in drug industry. Because of paying the price of the arms by drugs, the size of both drug and arm smuggling grown up. The people, who would like to leave this clash environment, applied to the crime syndicates when they were prevented by legal authorities. As a result of this situation, human smuggling and human trade crimes arised.


Globalization, Organized Crime, Drug Smuggling, Human Smuggling and Human Trade

Author : -Mustafa ARSLAN - Yakup ALTAN
Number of pages: 73-86
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International Journal of Business Economics and Management Perspectives
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