Uluslararası İşletme, Ekonomi ve Yönetim Perspektifleri Dergisi



The concept of mindfulness, investigated for about 50 years, has been taken its place in the literature. Shortly, focusing and accepting the present moment without judgement with full attention, especially the term is examined and researched with various studies by psychologists, psychiatrists, and pedagogues. The term, originated from the east meditation traditions, such as Buddhism, has actually no relationship with any religious or philosophical movement. In this study, the concept of mindfulness is investigated in the context of positive psychology and the importance is examined for both individuals and organizations to reach the success. Some basic explanations have been made in terms of personality traits that generate the basis of mindfulness, mindfulness strategies and theoretical framework, dimensions and basic attitudes. Besides, the evaluations related to the studies in the national literature are done within the scope of this study. In addition, in the scope of this study, practitioners and researchers working in the field of organizational behavior have also been advised.


Mindfulness, Self-Efficacy, Focusing, Organizational Behavior

Author : -Tahsin AKÇAKANAT, Serpil KÖSE
Number of pages: 16-28
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijbemp.6725
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Uluslararası İşletme, Ekonomi ve Yönetim Perspektifleri Dergisi
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