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Since Afghan Empire Period, the precessor of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which was founded by Ahmad Shah Durrani in 1747, long- period stability has not been installed in Afghanistan. Because of the pressure of Soviet Russia from north and Britain Empire from south, modernism and nation-building attempts have not been succeeded. I addition to the reasons that cause unstability in Afghanistan like geographical structure, economic problems, corruption, ineffective using of sources, multi-culturel social structure, insufficient infrastructure of education sytem, uselessness of justice system, the main obstacle against stability is drug economy. As being involved in Golden Crescent with Pakistan and Iran, the opium economy has been expanded since Soviet invesion in 1989. The drug economy which was tolerated by West because of funding mujahid groups struggling against SSCB, also funded the armed groups during the civil war period. The deep-rooted politic and economic unstabilities in Afghanistan has been attracted terrorist organizations and organized crime syndicates. Recently, because of the political structure that is spinned by complicated relations, the security problems arised in Afghanistan have been threaded the countries in the region and caused global security problems.


Afghanistan, Unstability, Drug Economy, Organized Crime, Corruption

Author : -Mustafa ARSLAN
Number of pages: 47-63
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International Journal of Business Economics and Management Perspectives
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