International Journal of Business Economics and Management Perspectives



In the light of the competitive conditions of today's business world, rapid change, labor diversity and differentiation bring many problems. The organization's personal interests in the forefront of the owner or the employees, exhibiting the behaviors that emerge with a sense of dissatisfaction have threatened the lives of organizations. It is not possible to discuss the necessity for ethics, social order and working life order and continuity as the whole set of rules that can be formed by the acceptance of the concepts such as good, bad, right and wrong which people see from their windows. In this sense, it is necessary to make necessary arrangements in order to ensure that the behaviors in business life are in accordance with certain rules. In this study, the ethical activities of the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) for the member enterprises were evaluated. Considering the gains from the ethical behavior of enterprises, the studies on institutionalization of business ethics are very valuable. ATSO members of the company in 2017 for the first time in Turkey "Trade Ethical Principles Member Admission Agreement" was signed. In the study, you will perform these new applications on the label.


Business, Ethics, Morality, Business Ethics, Ethics member.

Author : -Aysel ARSLAN, Çetin BEKTAŞ
Number of pages: 53-63
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International Journal of Business Economics and Management Perspectives
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