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Politics is a very new field that is dealt with in the context of marketing. However, it has been also claimed that the concept of political marketing was first used by Kelley in 1956. American sources describe John Bekley as the first political counselor for Thomas Jefferson, although similar tasks have been carried out in other countries. (Phill, 1999, p.2). Marketing, as used in trade, is not just stereotypes and slogans used to sell products When marketing is applied to the field of political parties, it sheds light on the decisions to be made regarding the organizational structures to be used and what policies to follow. The widespread use of marketing in politics will influence not only the campaign work of political parties, but also the power of the leader, member rights, the constitution and the policies to be followed. The political understanding of marketing will focus on the needs of the voters and will enable voters to be defined more closely and accurately. The political product is predominantly abstract and complex. Parties, candidates, political ideologies and party programs can be evaluated in product content. In the long run, political products are purchased. This is likened to purchasing services. Payment is made in advance but is not purchased at the time of service payment. In traditional marketing, such products are scarce. However, all products in political marketing have this feature. In political marketing, the voter may prefer one product, although he likes another one. For example, he may vote for a particular party for ideological reasons even though he does not like his candidate. Voter loyalty to political products is higher than in traditional marketing. (Gül, 2002, p.65) However, this situation should be expected to vary depending on the developments in the country. Particularly when the recent elections in Turkey were examined, major changes have been observed in terms of party preferences depending on the developments in the country. In this study, the example of Nationalist Movement Party in terms of its political marketing strategy will be presented. The aim of this study is to examine the basic elements of strategic marketing planning and strategic marketing planning in political parties and to determine and evaluate the main arguments of strategic marketing planning in MHP sample. In this study, using a variety of domestic and foreign sources, general factors affecting the Nationalist Movement Party electoral behavior in Turkey in particular has tried to be analyzed.


Author : -Buğrahan KURT
Number of pages: 143-154
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International Journal of Business Economics and Management Perspectives
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