Writing and Publication Principles


International Journal of Business, Economics and Management Perspectives is an international and peer-reviewed journal published online twice a year. The publication languages ​​of the journal are Turkish and English. The journal aims to publish theoretical and/or applied articles that make original contributions to the field. The articles submitted to the journal must not have been published anywhere before and must not have undergone the evaluation process for publication anywhere. Submitted articles are first reviewed by the editorial board in terms of their original contribution to the field, scientific expression and writing rules. If the studies meet the pre-evaluation criteria, they are sent to two referees. The identities of the referees and the author are kept confidential during this process. In line with the referee reports, the editorial board decides whether the article will be published or not. Scientific responsibility of the articles in the journal belongs to the author. Quotations can be made from published works by showing the source. All copyrights of the article after its publication in the journal belong to the Journal of International Business, Economics and Management Perspectives. No royalties are paid to authors of published works. Articles published without the approval of the International Journal of Business, Economics and Management Perspectives cannot be published or reproduced elsewhere.



In order to complete the article submission, the following documents must be uploaded to the system:


ARTICLE TEXT (Mandatory)

Authors' texts in accordance with the "article template" will be considered. The version of the articles written in the "MS Word" program should be uploaded to the system by logging in to http://www.ijbemp.com. Due to the double-blind peer-review system, you must upload your article anonymously (deleted from both the cover page and the last posting page*). * To delete the author's name from the last save page, open your file in MS Word. Click "File>Options" from the menu at the top. Change the "User Name:" section in the general tab of the incoming options with a name that does not remind the author (for example, "author"). You must make these checks every time you upload your article.


Authors are required to fill out and upload the "Copyright Transfer Agreement Form".


For studies that require ethics committee permission (Related Link YÖK) Ethics Committee Approval must be uploaded. Articles submitted for publication in the journal must be prepared in accordance with the rules of research and publication ethics. Ethics committee approval should be obtained separately for studies conducted and for clinical and experimental studies on humans and animals that require an ethics committee decision, and this approval should be stated and documented in the article. In studies that require ethics committee permission, information about the permission (name of the committee, date, and number) should be included in the method section and also on the first/last page of the article. In case of reports, information about signing the informed consent/consent form should be included in the article. Therefore, the articles that do not send this document even though the ethics committee requires a permit will not be evaluated and will be rejected.


Author(s) information must be uploaded with the Author Application Form.


Articles should be written in accordance with the APA 7 publication format. Accordingly, template content to be published on the journal web page should be used. Documents created outside of the journal template will not be accepted. The spelling and citation rules of the article are given as an example in the article template.

Click for the spelling rules and citation methods of the APA 7 publication format. (Author Guidelines)

Articles that do not comply with the said rules and principles will be rejected without going through the “peer review process”.

Note 1: Our journal recommends the Zotero citation program for citation and bibliography of articles.