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The brand is a marketing component consisting of different signs, symbols, letters and colors. These features distinguish brands from their competitors. Today’s business world, the importance of becoming a brand is increasing day by day. Businesses that bring a good brand to the consumer increase their sales, in accordance with profitability and getting involved in the market. Being a brand is also important in terms of influencing the personality of a company, its position in the sector and its continuity as well. The brands wish to associate through colors and spend a lot of money on this issue. Colors have psychologically different effects on people. While some color pushes people to pessimism, some colors create an excitement in the humanbeing. The businesses take these psychological effects into account when determining the colors they would use in their brand. Colors are one of the methods used to create awareness for the brand. The colors used in the products can be indicated by the brand name by showing the integrity with that brand. In the study, it has been searched whether the main colors, the auxiliary and intermediate colors except for these colors associate any brand, and if it is a connotation, in which sectors the connotation concentrates. In the study, a face-to-face questionnaire was applied to the consumers and it was requested from participants if the colors associates any brand. The frequencies of the answers given by the participants are meticoulously presented in the form of the top ten brands associated with each color. It is also concluded from the study that one of the important components of the brand is the result of the fact that the color is not an element that appeals to the brand for the consumers and that other factors besides color should be taken into consideration by the enterprises that want to provide brand awareness in the mind of the consumer.


Brand, color association, brand awareness, brand recogniton

Yazar: - Fikret YAMAN - Hilal ÖZHARPUTLU
Sayfa Sayısı: 1-11
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International Journal of Business Economics and Management Perspectives
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