Author Guidelines

Authors who submit / will send articles to IJBEMP are requested to consider the following principles:

a) Articles sent to IJBEMP cannot be withdrawn after the refereeing process has started.

b) Since there is a double-blind refereeing practice in IJBEMP, statements that may reveal the author or referee of the article should be avoided in correction requests and correction submissions.

c) IJBEMP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The author retains the copyright of the work and gives the first publication right to the journal. The work is licensed under a Creative Commons license, which allows it to be shared by others, provided that the author is indicated and that it was first published in this journal.
Authors can send the published version of their article to an institutional archive or library by referring to the journal in which the article was published.
You can distribute, copy, work on the work by referring to the license holder, make derivative works by referring to the owner, or do similar works.

IJBEMP provides instant open access to its content, adopting the principle that making scientific research free to the public will increase the global sharing of knowledge.

IJBEMP signed the Budapest Open Access Declaration.